Zendesk External Storage

We’ve created the Zendesk External Attachment Storage tool to manage and reduce the amount of attachment storage used within your Zendesk instance.

  • Reduce Zendesk Storage costs
  • Comply with data protection and retention rules
  • Monitor your attachment storage use

This is achieved both through storing attachments externally to Zendesk on an industry leading secure 3rd party storage system, and through the option to delete attachments after a given period, helping to comply with data protection and retention. The system runs automatically once setup, saving you costs far into the future from day 1.

Get started now by registering at https://zd-external-attachment-storage.eh7p.com and installing the app!

We can also help with any other custom Zendesk apps or API work you may need, get in touch with us at hello@eh7p.com

Written on February 2, 2024